Soft gelatin encapsulation is a state-of-the-art manufacturing technology. With Simpor’s expertise, softgel products may be easily manufactured to any size, shape, or color to match the customers' requirements. With highly trained operators, we provide an outstanding capability at every level of the manufacturing process: formulation, encapsulation, inspection and finished product testing.

Currently there are five (5) jumbo encapsulation machines, which can easily be converted to handle different products’ manufacturing requirements. Simpor also provides the manufacturing technology of enteric coating and logo printing on soft gelatin capsules.

Tablets and Hardshell Capsules

In manufacturing tablets and hardshell capsules, Simpor provides the most advanced equipment in powder and granule process resulting in the highest quality products available for sale. Superior coating systems at Simpor allow for film or enteric coatings of tablets, of any color, as may be requested by the customer. Logo printing can be done on both tablets and hardshell capsules.

Liquids and Creams & Gels

In manufacturing liquids and creams, Simpor uses the most advanced equipment for filtering and/or vacuum emulsifying.