Being the first Brunei’s Halal Pharmaceutical Plant, Simpor Pharma’s objective and importance is to assure products manufactured are halal according to the Islamic Law to meet the demand of muslim customers not just locally but globally as well. In order to maintain the consistency of halal production, we at Simpor Pharma take into account the process of manufacturing halal products from the start to finish, complying with Islamic Law ensuring its halal certification; from raw material selection, to purchasing, manufacturing, handling of finished products and more.

Simpor has established the Halal Assurance System (HAS) to monitor and maintain a system to assure consistency in halal production. This will be done with the help of the Halal Management team (Halal Committee) led by experienced Muslim personnel. The first set up and implementation of the HAS is the declaration of halal policy. In the Halal Policy, it states the guidelines the employees and visitors must adhere to for the implementation of HAS. In support of the HAS, Simpor has also declared its facility as pork free facility.

The Halal Committee will monitor and make improvements to the Halal Assurance System for better compliance to the halal guidelines according to Islamic Law. Simpor’s target is to obtain and maintain Halal certification from various national agencies. Simpor is in the process to obtain halal certification for pharmaceutical products, health supplements and cosmetics.