Our Country

Bringing the Qualities of Brunei into Our Products

Recognised as the world’s most stable macroeconomy by the World Economic Forum (GCI 2010/11), Brunei Darussalam is ideally positioned as the hub for exporting Halal pharmaceutical products and health supplements in the global market for various reasons:


The Brunei Halal Branding project launched in 2007 aims to make Brunei Darussalam as one of the key players in global Halal food production and certification.

Brunei, with its strong Islamic background, can assure the global market that the Brunei Darussalam’s Halal Certification is both stringent and credible for businesses to utilize in delving into the Muslim markets.

Standard of Living

Brunei Darussalam offers a high quality of life - considered a country with High Human Development - ranking 30th among 182 countries, according to the United Nations’ Human Development Index (HDI) 2013.

Brunei also ranks the highest in the Islamic World, and 3rd among Asia, according to the same index released last 2009.

With an adult literacy rate of 94%, Brunei has one of the most highly educated populations in the world that is seen as an increasingly valuable resource.

Political stability

Brunei’s outstanding record of political stability has been led by a benevolent monarchy that can be traced back, in an unbroken line of succession, to over 600 years from when the first Sultan was installed in 1363.

Strategic location

Strategically located at the heart of South East Asia and along the East-West maritime trade route, Brunei’s easy connectivity to the growing economies within the region makes it an ideal location for export-oriented activities.