As Brunei Darussalam’s pioneer contract manufacturer, Simpor Pharma Sdn Bhd is positioned to become the hub for exporting Halal pharmaceutical products and health supplements in the global market. As such, Simpor Pharma Sdn Bhd is committed to delivering GMP compliant, innovative and tailor-made solutions for pharmaceutical products, health supplements, as well as cosmetics.

Our comprehensive product dosage forms range from softgels, tablets, hard shell capsules, powder & granules, liquids, creams to gels that are designed to meet market demands.

Our pharmaceuticals product line up, which includes OTC, generic, ethical products and testing, and manufacturing support for clinical trials, are still growing today.

Simpor Pharma’s even has natural health products which consists of herbal medicines, vitamin-mineral supports, food supplements and organic/dietary peferences.

Raw materials, intermediates, and finished products are tested for compliance with specifications, as well as USP requirements. Attention to quality, cleanliness and compliance, through all stages of manufacturing, is a critical corporate requirement for Simpor Pharma in demonstrating and maintaining product quality and safety.